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A Sublime Feeling Of Contentment

You will feel good about having made a small contribution towards making words happen and preventing me from starving.

Okay, in all seriousness, this is just here to remind everyone that the real reward is the words that you'll be encouraging and inspiring me to write.  Don't feel bad if you can't reach one of these rewards—even this one.  They're extras priced mainly to keep numbers of qualifying pledges reasonable.  That said, I haven't placed any actual limits on them, so feel free to make a fool of me by overwhelming me with money (and pre-readers).  I'd be cool with that.
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Read It Before It’s Cool

Pledge at least $10 and get not only the aforementioned Sublime Feeling of Contentment, but also the chance to read the words written the moment they stop being written, warts and all. You will be invited to be present for the editing and proofreading process and allowed to make comments and suggestions before the words are published.

(Note: Some chapters may be posted without a pre-reading stage in cases of narrow deadlines, such as the traditional Christmas chapter.)
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Read It While It’s Hot

Pledge at least $20 and get not only the aforementioned Eternal Gratitude, but also in-progress updates on a scene-by-scene basis.  You will receive access to each contiguous scene as they are deemed to be complete, at my discretion, and possibly even help shape the direction of the story with your feedback.




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About Cast-Iron Caryatid



I used to have a whole long spiel here because a Patreon page for a writer should have some writing to show off, right?  Kind of silly in retrospect; I write fiction, not blog posts or advertisements, so I should be letting  my stories speak for themselves.  I'm not the fastest writer, but I'm improving and Patreon has been vital to that improvement.


I post at least 10k words every month in order to feed myself.  Ideally, this should not interfere with providing previews for higher tiers, but the reality is, sometimes it does.

Scene-by-scene previews for top-tier patrons are ironically the biggest victim of this, as sometimes things aren't nailed down on a scene-by-scene basis.  If you're going to pledge for this tier, please do it first and foremost to support me… and if you don't care about scene-by-scene previews, please let me know so that I can worry about this a little less.

Chapter Previews have been given a priority.  Previously, I would always post chapters publically by the deadline, but this ended up short-changing patrons.  Now, even if I finish a chapter right at the end-of-month deadline, I will post it here on Patreon and wait 3-7 days before posting it publicly.  There are few situations where this should need to be compromised, though it may happen in the case of holiday chapters.

Lucky Previews are a bit of a special case.  As mentioned above, if I run right up against the deadline, I'll post chapters here, but I can't very well charge patrons and not give them anything, can I?  This means that if I post at the deadline or I'm holding chapters back for some reason, all patrons, regardless of tier, will be given access to the chapter.  Makes sense, right?
$171 of $200 per 10k words
$200 per 10k word chapter is my minimum threshold for survival at the moment.  This pays for utilities, food and not much else unless I manage to do two chapters in a month, which is still something I haven't managed to do.
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