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About Catriniya & bearandrocky1

Herro my name is Clara and many of you may know me from my YouTube channel Catriniya.
On my channel my friends and I do all kinds of things such as: Gaming Videos, Singing, Animated Stories, Comic Dubs, and much more!
We tend to get more than a little crazy, so don't be surprised if things go south really quickly. If you want to support Genocide The Musical than go ahead and donate as you please. And for only $5 I will draw a picture of any size, of anything of your choosing! Thank you for visiting our Patreon and have a nice day, or night.....
It depends on what time it is for you.

(Message from Shae-Lin/bearandrocky1: Hey y'all!  Clara basically summed everything up, but I just wanted to say thanks for supporting us!)

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