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About Cayinator

If you've stumbled across this page you've either heard me talking about it on Twitter, Facebook or on the Twitch Stream. Well it's pretty much this, I'm an ambitious and motivation fuel'd person and for the longest time now I've kept at this Youtube game for a while now even with all the punches thrown my way and some of you know all of them if you've been here from the start but that's not all that important right now.

So what happens now?  
Quite basically my income from Youtube will be hitting numbers I haven't seen from when I first started doing this years ago and while to some it may not sound as bad as it is what this means is I'm basically creating content on a day to day basis (and by now most of you know how much I upload to please the masses) for free, despite the effort I put into recording and smashing it all together.

What can I do?
While I don't want to be perceived as asking for handouts the ask is simple, any amount (if you're able to - do not pledge if it puts you in strife) you're able to offer be it $10, $20 or even $1 a month collectively this all makes a MASSIVE difference in the grand scheme of things and will help keep this YT dream alive until they at least fix their broken revenue scheme....and in the event they don't well...hopefully by then we'd have come far enough to still be ok.

I'm not a greedy person and won't ask for more than needed to support my family and myself comfortably. I don't need a lambo out the front or a 3 story mansion, just the means to keep our bellies fed and smiles on the kids faces.

Thank you for reading if you got all the way down here even getting this far means to world to us.

$9 of $200 per month
This helps me upkeep the internet plan I've upgraded to for streaming and other equipment needed along the way!
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