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Cecil's Pride is the animal activist's source of news on the animal kingdom including poaching, dog meat consumption, cetacean capativity and inhumane use of elephants at circuses. We believe in exposing hunters and educating the animal lover and activist community to make informed decisions that can CHANGE the future. 

The hunters, through the National Rifle Associations, recently announced their plans to launch an 'educational' initiatives to sway public opinions on social media to make way for their pro hunting agenda. As animal lovers we must stand our ground and continue to expose them.

Partnering with The Animal Embassy and Cecil2016, Cecil's Pride leads the way in grassroot activism for animal rights and anti-poaching advocacy. 

Our goal is 3 folds:
1- Informing the world the horrors of canned & trophy hunting and animal cruelty taking place around the world. 
2- Inspiring animal lovers world wide with positive stories and of heroes who are making a difference (Eg. Damien Manders or rescue stories)
3- Involving animal lovers to participate in the global movement to abolish canned and trophy hunting.

We believe in being INDEPENDENT from any corporate influences and have been refusing $$ from big corporations or hunting groups. We know that WildCRU accepts $$ from huntersPETA murdered thousands of cats via euthanasia at its shelters, GreenPeace supports 'ethical' seal clubbing and WWF secretly supports trophy hunting. We are fed up with 'credible' sources being greased by corporate money and are choosing to be supported by subscribers and supporters like you. As much as we want to run this forever, we are finding it hard as the increased amount of audience leads to a burden on the costs of running this group.

Since the beginning, our editorial team has been paying out of our own pockets to keep the website up, email service and servers running. We want to expand our reach in our 3 I's by providing more things to the animal lover community with a future podcast, youtube channel. 

Please consider supporting Cecil's Pride and the animal kingdom with a monthly subscription. If you cannot make a monthly donation, you can also support us by getting a merchandise from our friends at Animal Embassy

A note about monthly donations... Regular giving is one of the best ways to show your commitment to the protection of the animal kingdom. A monthly gift allows us to respond to urgent campaign issues the moment they arise.
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A couple writers at Cecil's Pride are paying the monthly expenses of keeping the website up. Please lend us a hand with the server and production costs.
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