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It takes more than clockwork guns and laser-shooting bifocals to make great games and stories. It takes awesome characters that really stick with you.

We at CelesteWorks plan to approach tabletop gaming like Hayao Miyazaki approached anime. We want to focus on unique conflicts, flawed heroes, and sympathetic villains. We aim to make games everyone can enjoy, that encompass the whole vastness of the human experience. Games with accompanying stories and literature that aren’t simply side stuff, but that can be enjoyed all on their own without ever rolling any dice.

For even just one dollar a month, you can help us breathe life into diverse worlds filled with alien factions, sky-pirates, and teens with superpowers. The stars are the limit, and everything we create, with your support, we aim to distribute at minimal cost.

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If we reach this goal, you can count on us releasing one character story every two weeks and one adventure for an existing tabletop RPG campaign setting.

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