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"seeing is believing"-quoted in almost every movie

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About Celestine

Good day or good night
Hello and thank you 
I am Celestine and I thank you for visiting my page 

My goal for making this patreon is to gain time to improve my drawing skills while earning money.
Who am I:

I am a student currently taking a year off and finding work to pay for tuition for next year.
I will love to spend more time creating and less time worrying about if I will get any work.
With your support, you will be helping me fund for extra materials and time dedicated to creating. 

Creation may contain:
  • Commission Work I had done
  • Original Character (O.C) 
  • Comic Strips 
  • Speed Drawing Videos
Where is all the will power coming from:
I enjoy creating something that is heavily inspired by one sentence thought.

Another thing I will like to share with any future patreon is my dream to work in an illustration agency. I will work form my small house in the fields with my six sheep and three dogs (real dream). Working from home and be able to have long walks with no worry of people. 

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