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The Dollar Pack
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Become part of the CMen Support Group and support Cels' various internet endeavors from live streaming to whatever nutty stuff he puts out. Mostly it's live streaming. Something he has done now for nearly a decade.

You will also gain access to the secret Patreon members only feed. This means you get to see some super sekrit club stuff. Mostly it means nothing. Sometimes it might though. Just know though that you're a supporter.

You will also gain a Patreon only Discord flair to let everyone in there know you're just that extra bit of a special dude.



  • Discord flair
  • Access to the members only content / feed 
  • Help change Celgaming for the better

Includes Discord benefits
Two Dollar CMan
per month

So two dollars a month, what will that get you? You will gain the knowledge that you give me almost as much as a subscriber does on Twitch. Apart from happiness knowing you support the stream, you will also gain superpowers that will enable you to conquer the world. You will gain knowledge that Cel might think of you while he touches himself. You will also gain:

  • Access to the members only content / feed 
  • Help change Celgaming for the better
  • Gain random erections during the day
Includes Discord benefits
I'm Better Than A Sub
per month

For $5.00 per month, you will know you support me more than any Twitch subscriber does. You will be able to flaunt at any Twitch subscriber that you do more in the chat, and know that you actually do contribute more than any of them do with their subscription from which Twitch takes half of. You also gain everything from the past tiers, plus you will gain the power to stop  yourself from saying absurdly stupid things in public by observing Cel say these things on live streams instead.

  • Discord flair
  • Added to the stream end credits screen
  • Access to the members only content / feed
  • Help change Celgaming for the better
  • Gain random erections during the day (even as a female)
  • Become a more functional social member of society




I'm a live streamer and I have been streaming for a very long time, even before Twitch existed and made streaming more mainstream. Any kind of support you can provide for this endeavor will be appreciated. Currently I stream with a schedule that is from Thursday to Sunday at 18:00 (or 6:00 pm) in a PT+10 time zone. This schedule will be something I will try and aim towards whether or not this Patreon kicks off at all.

I aim to make chill and comedic streams, with a side dish of crude humor and smooth voiced commentary. Interaction with the chat is my strong suit. I hope this Patreon along with Twitch subscribers helps me support this crazy streaming lifestyle. 

Live streaming started off as a hobby and developed into something I love to do. Sadly life doesn't allow me to always stream, but every cent you guys give will help me focus more on streaming than I normally would.

I have taken breaks from streaming to deal with real life in the past and I apologize for my supporters for not always streaming. However if things get livelier here, on the stream and money rolls in to support a full time life, I will embrace it completely.

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