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About CenonPlusFish

Came on here before the fee. uwu

I might not use this until way later when I get a bigger following, so for now this is just...hidden away until I feel comfortable making this public. I’m already trying to advertise commissions and a ko-fi page, I don’t wanna seem like a money hungry artist ;u;

if you do happen to stumble upon, Hi. I go by Cee and I make art and animations if I feel like it that one rare time. I want to do animations as much as I do illustrations someday. I also wanna work in a small studio and I even have two ideas for animated series. Though I focus more on one than the other.

The art I do is mostly character art. Of my characters. There’s a main cast of 3 and a supporting cast of about 2-6. I dunno. But the three + 2 are friends (More friendlier towards certain people) and they’re teenagers about 14-16 and they uuhh live.

Yeah so I hope that’s cool.