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This shall be pretty enough for supporting me! You shall be rewarded with an original (i.e, 1600x1080) version of one of my drawings and get to know about the upcoming drawings of mine.
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You shall be rewarded with a drawing of your character (sketch, half body, transparent background) and a free air guitar! >u<
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You shall get access to .SAI and .PSD files of my drawings along with my brush settings of Paint Tool SAI. 
You shall also be rewarded with a  drawing of your character (flat coloured, half body, transparent background) and free virtual hugs!



About Anwesha Pradhan

Hello everyone! I am Anwesha, a novice digital artist. 
I would be really happy if you all could support me and my work by donating a few bucks. I would basically use the donations for making my friends and family happy, especially for the glory of mankind! 
I will try my best to meet your expectations. 
Have a good day ahead! 
You can also find me on deviantART

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