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- A one-time art-commission as thanks.
- A special role in the Signal in Progress discord server.

- Access to all exclusive content on the patreon page.

- Shoutouts at the end of any videos and livestreams.

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- Access to Private livestreams of me making stuff.

- Lotsa love from me. :p

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About The Kid with the Hat

Hi, I'm KK, The Kid with the Hat.
While I aspire to produce a variety of content from art to music and everything in between,  quite frankly most of my time spend doing these things goes unpaid, and mostly unnoticed. That's where awesome people like you come in.
Thanks to a certain website being quite ballsy and all around broken-as-fuck, my current ability to get paid for making videos is going to be gone by mid February, 2018. However I do not plan on stopping production of content. If you kind people here enjoy what I do, and hope for it to become much better and more frequent, than you have the great chance to become a patron, and get exclusive content on top of aiding me to do what I love(so I get paid). If you decide not to for any reason but you still want to help me out, show this campaign to some of your friends or anyone else you may think would be willing to support me.
With all that out of the way, make your choice, and have a wonderful day!! O^X

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After completing this goal, I will:
- increase the amount of public artwork I produce each month.
- Revamp the content produced on the YouTube channel, and work to be more consistent on upload schedules.
- Create a thank you video for my first patrons.
- Regularily maintain the Signal in Progress website.

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