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Currently editing a "real" video, but, for now, enjoy this unedited one-take quickie!
I believe there is something special in our hidden, less-aired stories.

I created Champagne & Snark, because I got tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. I wanted to get to the real person behind the people I admired. 

I started listening to podcasts about five years ago as a way to ease my anxiety. I found that hearing friendly conversations between people who enjoyed each other made me feel calm and at ease. I hope you find the glimpse at well-known people’s humanity to be calming and unifying. To be real. This show helps me sleep at night.

I was particularly inspired by a Professor Blastoff, a podcast that published their last episode the week that I posted my first. Oh, the irony! On this podcast, they would sometimes have experts and other times invite their famous comedian friends to talk about science topics that interested them. I loved hearing people I "knew" talk about something I wouldn't expect. Champagne & Snark makes the whole show about that unexpected side of people you know so well.

What can you expect from Champagne & Snark in the next year:

This next year, I'm planning to do more live shows, more video and more national guests. Check the goals on the left side of the page for clear ideas on how you can get us there.

Why Patreon?

Patrons make things possible. There wouldn't be a painted Sistine Chapel ceiling without patrons. Even Michelangelo needed someone to pay for his paints.

It takes time to find and schedule guests, record and produce the audio at a level of quality that my listeners deserve. That time spent researching, recording and editing has become my full-time job, so Patreon helps me make decisions like "Can I really afford to do this show or do I need to rethink my whole life?"

Of course, there are also hard costs to running the show. Website and podcast file hosting, audio equipment, travel for live shows, and all sorts of other incidental expenses. Patreon support helps cover that.

Thank You

Every listener makes a difference, and for that I thank you all. The show is out there and free for anyone to listen to and enjoy. Tell your friends and spread the word. And if you find that you want to help push Champagne & Snark over the next big hill, consider contributing a small amount each month toward the show. With your help, Champagne & Snark can help us discover the hidden stories and honest humanity behind more famous faces!

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