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Despite our name, we do much more than books! Chandu Books was created in an effort to showcase art in a variety of mediums. Currently we have only one member artist, but eventually I would like to invite others to join as well. Seth and Chandu are working to form a community of artists, and our patrons will have the benefit of access to all the latest updates and previews for our artists new projects. Our newsletter, which is still under construction at the moment, will eventually be a means for our community of artists to reach out to our patrons.

     "I love a mystery... but not necessarily because I have any desire to solve them. A mystery is like a spell, and it works its magic in your mind by driving your imagination to its wildest and most romantic conclusions. When the world was new, the mystery of the sea and the stars and all the things that crawl or swim or fly were a wonder to behold, and we gave birth to elaborate fantasies and myths. In our modern age of science and information, it is the goal of many to dispel this magic in an effort to understand our world. While many seek to romanticize the old mythologies, I want to create an opportunity to give birth to new ones. In the same spirit as the Pre-Raphaelite movement, I would like to create a revival of spiritualism and mythology in art, but with a much broader scope in terms of spirituality. This is, perhaps, a strangely draconian concept for many, but understand that I intend to apply the same concept in a much more modern context. Think, for example, of Lord Krishna appearing to a heroin addict in the form a homeless man, to give him guidance in a time of need. Perhaps a gathering of teenagers in an abandoned rail yard could be an allegory to A Midsummer Night's Dream. The relation with classical spiritualism and myth isn't exactly necessary, but for now it is the easiest way to convey an understanding of the ideal."

                                                                                                   - Chandu

     The objective of Chandu Books is to gather together artists that share my enthusiasm for creating these same narratives and experiences in a modern context, in an attempt to revive an appreciation for the sublime, the wonder and magic often lost behind the high definition screens of our epoch. The forms of their expression can be varied, and we want to encourage them to push the boundaries.
    While we are still gaining momentum, we plan to stage a variety of activities, as well as maintain a forum for discussing their results. The activities are designed to encourage our members to produce work, as well as reimagine their creative processes. By working collectively we hope to inspire as well as draw inspiration from everyone, in fact anyone, who is willing to participate. Our eventual goal will be to create a newsletter that we distribute regularly, albeit digitally, to showcase our work, as well as draw new member artists and patrons. Once we begin distributing the newsletter, all member artists will receive a portion of any profit, however meager.

    All contributing patrons will be added to our mailing list, and will receive a digital version, for now, of our arts newsletter The Chandu Cartographer. They will also receive updates about a variety of products our members have posted for sale, and any upcoming projects or events. For information about becoming a member artist, we have an open forum available on Facebook to receive any questions or comments.
$23 of $50 per creation
Seth Edwards is currently working with Chandu on a short story revolving around a once proud establishment in a base camp in the Kashmir valley, frequented by wayward mountaineers and goat herders. When an adventure seeking father and his only daughter arrive in the camp, it shakes the community to its very roots...
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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