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About Chantz Swinburnson

Hello! My Name's Chantz

What I Wish to become is a creator, something that I have always wished to be. This is something I had dreaded over for a while now, and that is, what is it that I wish to create?
I sat there for a while thinking what is it that I wanted to do, and I finally thought of it.

I had finally came to the conclusion that I want to make stories. There is many places or websites that would allow this, but I felt most comfortable using Patreon, cause this allows me to share my work with everyone in a way that isn't restricted by rules, and I am able to share more then just stories with everyone.

What is it that I wish to make?

What I wish to provide to the people who are here are stories, but what kind? you may ask.
Any stories that I can think of, whether it be long running series or the occasional short stories. I simply wish to make a dream come true, by putting my imagination and ideas that I can think of into words, and put here for people to possibly enjoy.

Here's the thing!

What I wish to create my best quality work for everyone, I can't promise any deadlines.
I have felt that I wish to create Stories that people would enjoy, not something that is rushed or underdeveloped. I'm not going to force people to stick around, if you chose to support me that is entirely up to you Individuals. I will try my best to create what I can as soon as I can, so that people aren't feeling cheated on my page.

What I wish to make is something that not everyone might enjoy, this is to create something that I wish to do to express my creativity. Whether people like my creativity is something that I am not capable of changing, so I'm choosing to put my creativity out there, and thank the people who chose to follow me.


I admit, I am new to this. Writing is something I have wished to do and by using Patreon, I am  pushing my self to follow this dream. What I make will most likely not be the best in the world, and there will certainly be people out there that will have better content then me, but that's not what I'm here for. So overtime my work will hopefully get better, and I can start providing better content, to the readers on my page.

Everything done one this page is being handled by only ONE Person, I'm not superhuman, and I only have me to review my own work. So if there's mistakes, like running sentences, spelling, misplaced punctuation. and etc. I might not catch it, and that will be out there for everyone to see. So I hope that everyone out there will help me catch any mistakes and give me helpful feedback on how I might be able to improve my work and the content I provide.

Thank You!!!

If you're here and you are one of the individuals that had chose to follow me, you have my deepest gratitude. Honestly I'm not here looking to be rewarded by my work, this is something that I just want to put out there for people to enjoy. Simply keep in mind that the more support I can get in the future, then the more time I will be able to put my effort into this, and the better quality content that I can give.

If you chose to follow me then YOU'RE THE BEST. Again not entirely looking to be rewarded, but if you still choose to follow me then I will work my hardest to reward those people who chose to spend there money on someone like me.