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I LOVE creating and sharing my art. I LOVE being able to create art full time and this along with conventions/shows and my online stores is how I do this for a living. I'm fortunate enough to have an incredibly supportive family and a large and growing fan base. Patreon helps me get new content out to all you wonderful people. I currently have 20 pop culture parody children's books that I offer for sale. With your support I will continue to write and illustrate more books including non parody kids books. I will also be able to continue painting new works like my "Castle series" or my other family Friendly Art.
I'm grateful for the support I have been given so far and I'm honored that so many of you enjoy my work enough to share with your family and friends. My hope is that my Patreon page can be a place you can always visit to see new family friendly content on a day to day basis like sketches, sketch cards, paintings, commissions, new kids books, videos of me working on projects, videos of me at shows like C2E2 or New York Comic Con and maybe  some interviews with artist and cosplay friends of mine.
I look forward to this new form of bringing content to you all and I hope you enjoy it as well. OHH didi I mention Im going to do monthly rewards to those of you that pledge? Because I totally am going to do that too! Checkout the milestone goals to see what you can recieve.

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If we reach the $100 goal I will choose 2 random winners from $5 and up tiers for one free print of their choice from my online store.
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