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About ChattyConnor

I'm a gamer, photographer, and a brand new mama just trying to spread a little positivity in the world. I'm an Air Force brat, a [email protected] grad, and when I'm not raising my baby boy I'm serving the greater Austin community as "personal paparazzi" to anyone looking to document a little slice of their lives. Stop by my Twitch channel or Facebook page and say hello! I'd love the chance to chat with you. :D
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Any pics you have taken by me will be permanently archived and retrievable whenever you want them! These images will not be subject to annual purges. Lost your link? Looking for a specific pic you may have deleted? Contact me and I'll have your images available to resend to you!
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At this tier you are welcome to scroll through my public images and choose something you need for your own use. Need a cool banner shot? Need an image to spice up a report? Talk to me about what you're looking for and we'll see what we can put together. 

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