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A little about me

Welcome, and thank you so much for visiting Affirm Your Life's Patreon page. My name is Che Garman, and I am a personal development blogger, photographer, writer, app developer, and motivator. My expertise is affirmations. My passion is creating inspirational messages through the combination of words and images.

Since 2009, I have been building the Affirm Your Life blog, which is now one of the largest affirmation resources on the internet, with over 10,000 free affirmations. Over the same period, I have been sending out motivational and inspirational posts on Twitter, including daily visual affirmations and quotations. These images have also been posted to many other social media sites, including: Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Flickr. The Affirm Your life blog now has over 3.3 million page views and on Twitter, over 137,000 followers. More recently, I have created two iOS apps, "Affirm Your Life" and "Fit-Inspired Woman". I have also written five ebooks.

Why I'm here

Affirm Your Life is my passion. I love inspiring others, and hope that what I do makes a difference. For me, being able to combine my love of photography, visual design, and writing, has been my purpose and my joy.

Currently, however, Affirm Your Life is more a labour of love than a viable business. Average revenue from my two iOS apps has been about $4 per day, which barely covers the expenses of creating and maintaining them (programming costs, AppStore fees, image purchases), and revenue from Google Ads is about $1 per day. But I am confident that if I can bring more apps to the market (and also make these apps available for Android) that eventually they will generate enough money to create the income I need to keep going.

I want nothing more than to make Affirm Your Life self-sufficient. But if I can't find a way, I must find a regular, full-time job. The latter would mean that Affirm Your Life would be limited to daily image posts. This is why I have come to Patreon. It is my hope that, with a little help, I can turn my passion into a living.

I have a 5-year plan. I know what apps I want to create. I know what eBooks I want to write. I know what images I need. I have a iOS programmer ready to get to work, and an Android programmer waiting to get started. Everything is in place except the funds to proceed.

My goals

My overall aim is to make enough money through the sale of apps, eBooks and audio affirmations, that I can continue to work on Affirm Your Life full-time and turn it into a consistent source of income. My specific goals are:

1. To create more image-based, inspirational apps, both for iPhone and Android. I am currently working on two new apps – the first, on the Law of Attraction and the second, a Motivation app. I also want to redevelop my first two apps for the Android market.

2. To write more eBooks. I have written five eBooks, which, due to their high image content, cannot be sold on Amazon (except at a loss). I am also working on two new eBooks, “MindShifts for Positive Thinking”, and “10,000 Affirmations to Empower Your Life”. The latter will be mostly text-based and therefore can be sold on Amazon. I also have outlines and drafts for many more eBooks that I plan to write in the near future.

3. To create a series of audio affirmations, something that I have wanted to do for many years. I use audio affirmations daily and know from experience what a great difference they make.

4. To author my first print book, “The Definitive Guide to Affirmations and Affirming”, which my publisher is anxiously waiting for. The outline is complete, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I also hope to turn this book into a Udemy course shortly afterwards.

I hope that, with a little help from Affirm Your Life’s wonderful followers, I will be able to attain these goals. If you can help me make this a reality, I promise to provide you with a constant stream of empowering resources.

How you can help

If you are a fan of the Affirm Your Life blog, or appreciate the daily inspiration that it offers on social media, I simply ask that you consider supporting this work, with whatever patronage you can give. If you are unable to help, no worries. The Affirm Your Life website will still continue and I will still maintain my Twitter account, as I know from the comments of followers that it is a valuable source of inspiration.

I'm hopeful that, with your support, I can not only continue to provide motivation and inspiration online, but also turn this work into a living. Any pledge you can give will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page.

And to all of Affirm Your Life’s wonderful followers – You continue to be my motivation and inspiration. Thank you so much!

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