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First of all, I want to say thank you for even considering becoming a patron. The fact that you're reading this at all means the world to me. But before you take the next step I think it's important for you to understand exactly where I'm coming from. So, here is what I believe in. If you believe in it too, then I would love for you to become a patron. If not that's okay too. 

I believe in a world where grocery store carts are full of fresh meat and vegetables, not premade meals. A world where every person knows how to make at least a few dishes really well. I have a vision of a world where the average person looks at cooking as a way to relax after a long day rather than a difficult chore that must be done. I believe that this world that I see is not impossible. I know that through education and inspiration people can find joy in cooking. 

For most of human history, cooking has brought us together. It has been a way to express love and care, and connection. Over the last 50 - 60 years we have forgotten this. I want to help people remember how meaningful a bowl of homemade soup can be to someone when they are feeling down. I want to remind people of the compassion that can be felt through a warm meal. I want to rebuild the connection we feel with each other through food. I think it is one of the most important health and social issues of our time. 

I am working toward my goal by building strong online communities with a foundation of removing the pretense from food. There is no need for over complication in home cooking. Simple can be delicious. Simple can be fun. Over the past six months, I have built a following of well over 5000 on Instagram, over 200 on Facebook, a podcast with over 500 weekly listeners, and much more. 

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When I reach 25 patrons I will do a Facebook live q and a for as long as there are questions to answer. 
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