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Hello and WELCOME!
{plate of warm cookies 🍪}

I truly believe that the world is a more beautiful place because of Art. It brings people with common interests together, stimulates interesting conversation; and it is a profoundly therapeutic tool for billions of people around the globe.
 When I first began painting with oils, I encountered a slew of overwhelming information, discouraging myths and helpful but lengthy classes that required a time commitment I wasn’t able to make. There is no one correct way to make a painting, but there are definitely techniques that can prevent headaches and allow more time for the fun of creating!
 My goal is to produce short and digestible videos and posts, detailing my process so that anyone can apply these techniques to their own unique style of art. Exclusive information about brushes, paints and materials used in each painting, and patron Q&A are also available for patrons.
 So whether you’re here as a fan who gets a kick out of my work 😉 or if you’re here to learn with me 🤓...
THANK YOU for contributing to this journey of teaching and helping others. 

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