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is creating a YouTube channel that uplifts art in New Orleans

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I’m a New Orleans firefighter, artist, and metalsmith. I live and work in an old firehouse that I bought from the city and renovated with my family and friends.
 We’re involved in so many types of projects it’s hard to keep track and we just want to share that energy with everyone.  We make inspirational videos about craftsmanship and art that bring creative people in our community together and also teach what we learn along the way.
  We don’t claim to be experts at anything and we spend more money in the shop than we make (thus the day job as a firefighter) but I’m pretty good at bringing people together to do creative things while making a space where art can thrive. My only goal is to continue doing just that and to bring more people along with me.
  We try to support art and craftsmanship in New Orleans with the resources we have in many ways.  We host regular art market events which are free for artists to participate in (usually about 8 artists are invited at a time) so that they can keep all of their earnings while we cover the costs of promotion and providing the space, we periodically lend our building for creative projects that other groups spearhead and we organize collaborative projects for which we provide tools, materials and technical support.
  If you decide to contribute to our mission we will commit to using those funds to help us uplift artists, makers and craftsmen in New Orleans in bigger ways.  If you aren't ready to commit to a monetary contribution I encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel, which will help our mission in the long run.  Thank You!
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