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About Cherrycake4

Hi there and welcome to my Patreon! :)
I'm Cherrycake4 and I make digital/traditional art of all sorts, from fan art to original creations! 

I have been drawing since a very young age and have mostly self-taught anime, as well as attended sketching classes during high school. I have recently graduated from University of Sydney with a BA in Visual Arts. I moved to the US afterwards to live with my husband and are now trying to pursue a career in art! 

In the previous years, I have drawn avatars for a lot of commissions and still currently doing so!

I would love to keep doing what I love which would be drawing fan art/experimenting with different styles/also granting people the drawings that they want, so I have started up a Patreon where I will offer rewards I think are the best for those who support me in any way! :) 


Q: How often will Patreon charge me?
       A: You will be charged at the beginning of every month that you are pledging(payments may take a few days to process)

Q: Can I change or cancel my pledge?
A: You can cancel/change your pledge at any time!

Q: When will the rewards be delivered?
A: I will deliver/post the rewards(depending on which tier) as soon as possible once all payments are processed! I will also post on the feed once I have sent out the rewards! :)
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- 1 Lineart sketch .PSD for download every month! 
- Access to Patreon feed
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- +Watch from me on DeviantArt
- Access to a Patreon-Only Discord channel where you can ask/message me for tips on your own artwork! I'll try my best to be of help :)

(includes all the above rewards!)
Includes Discord rewards
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- A simple digital headshot sketch of your character or anything else you would like! (only once per month) 

(includes all the above rewards!)
Includes Discord rewards
$0 of $20 per month
Thank you all for the support! I hope that you will all enjoy the content that I push out! :) 
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