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About Jacob

Chess Artistry is a YouTube channel that explores the game of chess -- chess history, strategy, tactics, famous games of the past and present, some not-so-famous games, chess puzzles, and chess miscellany.

Chess is beautiful, and it is my goal with this channel to share it with any and all who would benefit from studying it.

~ Jacob
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Passed Pawn
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“Pawns are the soul of the game.”

~  François-André Danican Philidor

Tricky Knight
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“In blitz, the Knight is stronger than the Bishop.”

~   Vlastimil Hort 

Killer Bishop
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"I used to like Knights. Then FIDE sent me this piece of paper in the mail saying that I was a Grandmaster, and ever since then I love Bishops."

~ Ben Finegold

Rook on the 7th
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"Take my Rooks!"

~ Yasser Seirewan

Queen Among Men
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"Every Pawn is a potential Queen."

~ Edward Mason

Fighting King
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"The King is a fighting piece. Use it!"

~  Wilhelm Steinitz

Chess Artist
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"Not every artist is a chess player, but every chess player is an artist."

~  Marcel Duchamp

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