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is creating fiction, in every form possible!

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I am Chet Legend

A name which will hopefully come to signify that something pretty alright has appeared in your YouTube feed, and who knows, maybe this can become something pretty awesome.

What I want is to tell you stories.
Hopefully, you will enjoy these stories.
They all take place in this world I have created, and they all seem mighty cool to me. 
I have an ancient history, an age old battle between good and evil which is not all that it seems. Villains and heroes duke it out across amazing vistas of the world. Nations rise and fall not realizing that they are built in the shadow of a far bigger world. 
I have talked the ear off everyone around me so would love to send them out into the world to see if others will enjoy them.
These videos are one part excuse to tell more people about all these characters and empires and beasts, and the other part motivation to keep going and see how far this can go.

If I am honest, I don't want to have a Patreon, I want to have made something that you want to spend money on that you can have, to keep.
That is what I am aiming for.
So this is not a permanent venture, this is temporary, I assure you.

But your generosity may allow me to pay artists for original works for the world I am building, which you will all get a digital copy of, get better assets for a card game I am designing or for a video game I am designing as well. 
You are all going to get access to these by the way. 
But hey maybe it will get to the point where I can buy back my time from a full time job and do this full time, so I can really start cranking out the content. 

We'll see in due time I guess. 

But thank you regardless, even if you don't become a Patron hopefully you stay for the videos on YouTube. 

Catch you later Legends! 
$0 of $15 per month
Change to get artwork done. Or assets for a game, video and card. Something to feed back into these creations. Allows consistent progress. 
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