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Alright I'm In

Thank you for supporting my content! This tier gets you priority to any multiplayer games I open up to on stream, as well as any subscriber perks (discord channels, sub only events, etc)

*Priority does not guarantee access, please support because you want to see more content.
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Let's Go a Step Further

Multiplayer Priority not enough? How about consideration to future DnD campaigns when spots open up?

As well, you will get all external subscription access.

*Priority does not guarantee access, please support because you want to see more content.
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Stream For Me / How About Something Permanent

At this tier, you will be able to choose a game from my library, and I will stream this game for four hours ( barring DND shows) on a day of your choice.


You will be able to request a YouTube concept and I will make a roughly 10 minute video for it. Want to see me doing a particular FOB run? Game-play from a game you missed on stream? Got something else in mind?

Suggest your concept and see it come to life. Maybe it will even spark a series that you backed!

Subscriber Perks are included with this pledge.




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Welcome to my Patreon page.
New to me and my content? I hope this will be either informational or invitational to welcome you into the great community we have created.

Short story? Full time entertainer, constant source of content for all things gaming / nerdy. Your support of this Patreon campaign directly influences my ability to provide new content, expanding the production reach of my content to YouTube, themed shows on Twitch, Marathons, and increased artistic endeavors.

I am an video game industry enthusiast turned Internet Content Creator / Influencer broadcasting on I tinker in IT / Server Admin and dabble in professional Audio / Visual Projection work on the side, with clients like MLB, Sony, Budweiser. My love and passion is gaming, 150%!

OK, That's all fine, but how are you going to use my Pledge?

Because of my Patron's support these last 6 months, we have grown from broadcasting from a single console to a full, YouTube ready setup. These changes will expand the variety of content available to the audience, and it is my extreme pleasure to include my backers in these changes.

While your money will go explicitly to hardware, software, or travel/convention costs, your Pledge will be rewarded with exclusive videos, access to on-air Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, inclusion in YouTube content, choosing games to be played on-air, adding to our monthly marathon, private tutoring or AMA time, physical art, and more.

Patreon is the most powerful tool I have in my arsenal for sponsorship because it explicitly shows corporations how much selling power we have as a growing community. Your pledge, whether minor or major, is key to this success.

As such, I cannot adequately express how much your support means to me. You make everything possible, whether I speak collectively or individually. If you spend even an hour in my channel, or watch a single one of my videos, you are supporting my dream.

I will continue to strive to reward you for your trust and investment. You deserve the utmost I can give, and I am becoming more and more ready to give just that.

So thank you. Again and again.
Welcome to our community.
Chewydon "Kyle" Donchewy
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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