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Greetings Manga fans! We at KeikoRockin' Media are currently working on publishing a new manga, our second one in-fact, Verdant Tales: Child of Aether. This manga is inspired by the works of various Manga-ka, while also driving much of it's thematic inspiration from Tales of Symphonia. The world is set in an "Urban-Fantasy" setting, in modern day and tells a story of a grand journey that will unravel the mystery of the Child of Aether. It's high-octane, action-adventure with a cast of lovable and endearing characters set to a moving and wholesome tale.

We hope to achieve publishing this manga, after the completion of my previous work: Pokemon Symphonic Horizon, which the manga was adapted from a video game of the same name that I also created. This manga will be its own, original, story set in a world created entirely by me as an original concept.
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