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Donate any amount $2.00+ and I'll be grateful for your support! Your donation will be put toward cosplay-related awesomeness to help me fund my hobby. Thank you so much!




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About ChinoChinako

I'm Bunny--a cosplayer who goes by the alias ChinoChinako--with a passion and drive to create and inspire. I've been making costumes for a long time and I love to push my skills and talents to the next level. This 100% FREE Patreon (or Cosplatreon, as I'm referring to it) is a place for you to support my work. You don't have to donate to enjoy my work, but a FOLLOW here (click the button to the left) will get you all the perks of knowing when I update and seeing what I'm working on as I post new content. A special shoutout to @AmazonMandy who has inspired me to create this FREE Cosplatreon.

A FREE Patreon? Sounds Crazy....
Crazy good! Think of this this way, with Facebook and Instagram having a less then amazing reach thanks to their new algorithms, Patreon is the best way to reach you. You can follow my page here and select how and how often you want to be notified of my updates.

My goal is to use this Cosplatreon to help keep me on track with cosplay tasks throughout the year, including crafting, modeling, photoshoots, and convention appearances/attendance.

To those who do donate, THANK YOU! Your support means the world to me. I will continue to give my best to the community that I love so dearly. <3

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$200.00 will be used to buy a webcam and headset so I can start streaming my cosplay work on Twitch.
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