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Heya - Chinsangan here!

I'm a writer based in Canada who's been writing since 8/25/2014. It's been a surprise passion of mine that I've stuck to all this time. I don't think a day goes by without me thinking of stories or writing them. By no means am I a professional, but I hope to change that as time goes on. 

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Feel free to message me or leave a comment. I'm always open for discussion and conversation. I hope this gave you all the information you need to make a decision whether to support me or not. If you do, thank you! If you don't, I understand. I appreciate all of you who read this and hope you have a great day. See ya!
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You're mentioned at the end of every chapter! Along with that you get access to an exclusive server in my Discord chat! Have fun with fellow readers and talk about whatever you want! Did I mention I'll be there too? Actually, that might make it worse. 
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Yeah, this really has no reward. But, it's a tier! So that makes it special... right?
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You will receive three one-shots split up through the year. There will be at least a month break between each one-shot so I can write other people's requests and work on my big stories. They will be between 1,000 and 3,000 words.
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Wow, really? Okay, well, along with everything listed previously you'll get a short story (3-5 chapters) on whatever you want! Plus you'll be in the "Extra Special Thanks" spot in author's notes. Yeah, let people know you're super special.
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I'll take you out for a nice dinner, whatever tickles your fancy. We'll return to that apartment we rented and start drinking the wine/water/juice/whatever we're provided. You'll feel a little tense and nervous, so I'll give you a nice massage that calms you down. After that, you'll turn around and look me in the eyes. We'll hold this stare for just long enough... to shake hands, go to separate spots and fall asleep.

Seriously, don't do this. 


Think about your money. It has feelings too.

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At this point I would consider writing to be my job, thus I would construct a schedule for updates and new stories. This would mean stories would be weekly. 
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