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 If you have some spare change consider becoming a Kitto! Even $1 is extremely helpful to me, as thanks you’ll receive:

  • A personal thank-you message (from me, no bots here!) [one-time reward]
  • Access to Patreon feed which includes extra content and early access to videos up to a week in advance!  [for as long as you are pledged] 
  • Access to the Patreon-exclusive Discord server [for as long as you are pledging]  
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If you're looking for a little more, the Catto tier is for you! As thanks you'll receive:

  • All previous rewards
  • Your name in the intro of my videos! [ for as long as you are pledging ]
  • Red name in the Discord server [for as long as you are pledging] 
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 This is one shiny tier right here. If you're willing to donate this much that's super generous of you! As thanks you'll receive:

  • All previous rewards
  • Bronze badge next to your name in the credits [ for as long as you are at this tier]
  • A personal audio thank you message - you can ask me to say happy birthday, subscribe to your channel or good luck in the future, it's up to you!  [one-time reward] 
  • Bronze name in the Discord server [for as long as you are pledging]  
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About Chipflake

My name's Chipflake (or just Chip) and I make animated videos on YouTube. If you somehow found this page not through my channel you can check it out here:

I also have Twitter & Instagram pages where I post updates and art!

Thanks for checking out my page :D

Here's a few things you need to know about before pledging!
  • My Patreon page charges upfront for the current month, then on every 1st of the month! Please keep this in mind if you are pledging towards the end of the month!

  • I use the Patreon messaging system (not Discord) to deliver rewards and ask for any info I need to complete them so please check your messages every so often!

  • If you haven't received a message from me within 5 days of pledging it may be possible that there's a payment issue on your end - Patreon doesn't notify me when this happens so you will have to be aware of this yourself unfortunately ):

As a thank you for supporting me I like to give out rewards to everyone who becomes a Patron! My rewards are designed to be like a bonus for your generosity rather than an exchange of goods so if you feel like they're not worth it that's totally cool!
Below you'll find some more info on the individual rewards, what they mean and how to claim em.

I send out a personal message through Patreon DMs to everyone who pledges at Kitto tier or higher! I don't use bots so I may take up to 3 days to send it to you depending on if I'm busy or sleeping & stuff like that.
If you don't get a message from me within a week it may be possible that your payment didn't go through, unfortunately Patreon doesn't notify me when this happens so you may have to check this yourself!

Everyone who pledges at Kitto tier or higher gets immediate access to all Patreon-exclusive content for as long as they are pledging. This includes stuff like commentary videos (where I react to one of my own videos and talk a bit about the behind-the-scenes, my thoughts on it, etc.) and the monthly QnA series (you will be able to watch all previous episodes as well as participate in the next one)!

The community Discord server is available to everyone who pledges at Kitto or higher!
If your Discord account is linked to your Patreon account you should be automatically added to the server (which is a bit creepy tbh). From there, read through the #welcome-rules channel for instructions on how to access the rest of the server!
You'll stay in the server for as long as you are pledging and the colour of your username will correlate with your Tier (Kitto is white, Catto is red, Bronze is bronze and Silver is silver!).
If you're having trouble accessing the server feel free to DM me on Patreon about it.

Everyone who pledges at Catto or higher will be listed in the credits & description of every video posted while you are pledging!
The credits usually appear at the beginning or end of the video and your name will be accompanied by a badge with the corresponding colour if you are pledged at either the Bronze or Silver tier. These badges will become more sparkly depending on how long you've been a Patron! 0:
I sometimes post 2 videos a month but will always post at least 1.
I will use your Patreon username, but if you would like a different name just let me know!

To everyone pledged at Bronze tier or higher I will record a personal audio message for you to download and listen to whenever you like. Feel free to ask me to say something specific for you (for example "Happy birthday"/"Good luck with your exams" etc.). If you want to use the audio I've recorded for you in a YouTube video or anything like that please ask first!

If you pledge at the Silver tier I will draw a sketch for you!
I can draw up to two characters. Please keep in mind that I'm best at drawing cartoon animals, so if you ask for a human or something I will try my best but it may not turn out that good ^^;
Reference images are helpful but not necessary!
You'll receive the drawing as a HD PNG file and you'll get one version with a little thank-you message from me and another version with just the drawing.
Once you receive the sketch feel free to pass it on to another artist or line & colour it yourself - as long as it's not for commercial use you can do whatever you want with it!
Here's an example of a previous sketch I did!

150 – reached! patrons
Even more Patreon-Exclusive content! I'll make a monthly QnA series just for you guys - you ask me questions & I'll make a video answering 'em every month
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts
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