is creating A world interactive NFC (Near Field Communication) tappable obje
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 NFC Plastic PVC Business Card or Generic Key Fob Programmed & Mailed To You 

Tap ANY NFC phone to the card & instantly amaze your classmates, colleges, boyfriend, girlfriend
or whoever you want to beam your information to with this fun little tappable card

Tags Can Be Pre Programmed To a URL Link Upon Request

. Fits in your wallet Like a Credit Card
.Never leave home without your content in your pocket
. Instantly inherit the abilities of a street magician David Blane and beam your info on smart phones!!! : O

Please Choose one of the following  NFC Features

Note Some Features are NFC only 
  • Opens a URL of your choosing (Facebook, Twitter, Patreon)
  • Adds a Contact to your Smart Phone (Populated with email, phone, social links etc.
  • Turn Wifi On or Off
  • Turn GPS On or OFF
  • Turn Bluetooth On / Off
  • Open Application of your choosing (Let me know the app)




About Chmelaeon

By becoming a patron you have an arsenal of choices on how you can receive exclusive patreon goodies Check them out !! 

We make awesome reviews 


I am in the process of making our physical world  easier and friendlier to navigate with your smart phone as well as creating awesome content along with fun, easy, & unique ways to make this transition a reality!

Anyone may view the majority of my content for free however; with your assistance we together can create a more connected world for our networking future

I do not wish to see NFC go the way that many view the QR code because a result of the following

  • mis utilized or represented use of the technology 
  • individuals who resist change or rather or cling to outdated forms of media 
  • individuals who are ignorant to the technology 
Which is why I decided to create these videos among other things like
  • Animations, 
  • Info graphics, 
  • Reviews 
  • Videos 
  • Educational Material and so on 

I look forward to making NFC more integrated our reality 


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