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I'm Tarren, but I go by Choco / Ban online!
I'm a 24-year-old Nonbinary (They / Them) dork who's trying to make their way through life one day at a time~! I've been creating art and character designs of the furry variety for as long as I can remember as a hobby of mine!
I'm also a Head Moderator of a DeviantArt Group called Pillowing-Pile!


Beasts! Cryptids! Furries!
Anything that's animal-based or of the mythical variety, you name it!
I also do artwork of Pillowings and other World of Clo Species that my lovely friend AJ has under her belt!

Well, to be frank, I've always wanted to make this hobby of mine into a full-time job!
On top of that, this Patreon will be used to help keep my finances and necessities stable, so I can focus on creating more and grow as an artist!

Expect things like art WIPs, inside look at future adoptables and concepts, commission discounts, access to patreon-only streams, and more!

I am a mentally ill artist with social anxiety and depression.
While I don't view that as something that defines me, I do believe it also affects my work in some ways and hinders me slightly despite being medicated. With this in mind, please remember that I'm just a person that may potentially slip up and fall behind on my tiers from time to time and may have low spoons (energy) to work on art constantly. I will do my very best to prevent this from happening in the first place but there is a slim chance it could happen just as a heads up. I'm only stating all this because mental health is a really important thing for me to educate people about and represent in media.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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