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Do you like Chocolate? Do you like Tea? Sorry, I have neither to offer, but now we know we love something in common! Hi, I go by Chocolate And T. Thanks for stopping by!
I am a webtoon creator on LINE Webtoon and Tapas with the series: My Cute Boyfriend (MCBF).

What you get by supporting:
From a $1-$10 range, you can get [Early Access Episode Sketches including deleted scenes] to [HD Hi-REZ detailed illustrations] of your favorite characters. *throws confetti*
What I get:
Funds to survive while I'm drawing these comics, also helping me upload more frequently.

How does Patreon work?
You get to choose a tier of your liking and in return, you receive those benefits! You'll get email notifications each time I post something in the tier you signed up for (unless you change the settings). You can change tiers and cancel at any time! No hard feelings at all and nothing will be taken personally. :) Everyone has their own circumstances!

For Quick Access to Early Access Episode Rough Sketches, click the "rough sketch" tab on the left (on desktop)
My Cute Boyfriend: (Romance/Comedy/Slice of Life) 
She was just an average student until she started dating a boy who is really, REALLY cute. Join in on the adventures of these two high school students as their romance blossoms.
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Milk Chocolate and White tea
per month

 Light on the caffeine, heavy on the happy, the most simple, yet very delicious, Milk Chocolate and White Tea's get exclusive access to:

  • Early access to full basic sketch two+ episodes in advance of official publish. *These are unedited, which means you get exclusive access to deleted and changed scenes.
White Chocolate and Green Tea
per month
Gettin a little fancier with a perfect combination, White Chocolate and Green Tea's get exclusive access to:

  • All of the above, plus-
  • Hi Rez version of randomly chosen panel's line art
  • Basic line art/coloring page not used in the webtoon

**both available in transparent PNG

Dark Chocolate and Black Tea
per month
Deep in flavor and rich packed with caffeine and antioxidants, Dark Chocolate and Black Tea's get exclusive access to:

  • All of the above, plus-
  • Exclusive illustration line art
Bon Bons and Yerba Mate
per month

Fancy, Classy, and Super Tasty, Bon Bons and Yerba Mate's get exclusive access to:

  • All of the above, plus-
  • Exclusive Hi-Resolution colored illustration (One per month)

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