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This is the only tier since less pressure to me on the money amount. Any amount is a huge thanks to me, thank you so much for checking this page out.

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Hello, welcome to my Patreon page. 
I'm Choko, a indie hobbies dev who dreams to be able to create games a a job or long term. I mostly use rpg maker engine to help bring my stories to life and been using these engines ever since 2014 but created my first finished game in 2016. I'm always trying to learn new things to help better my games.

I am also learning how to use Godot and Game Maker on my spare time. I do hope you enjoy the progress I make with my projects. Thank you for supporting me and make sure you take care.

Why Patreon?

I wanted to create another way for people who enjoy my content to support me, since most of my games are free. I would love to get better equipment like a better computer, animation software, ect. Having extra money would help boost the quality of my work since I'll be able to try new programs and learn new skills. Also it would help real world responsibilities too being able to show that I can know that if I do go more into making games people are interested in my work. 

There is only one tier up since I do feel that no matter if it's $1.00 or $5.00 that you should still be able to see the same content. I am working on the game so I am a bit quiet but once I feel I have something cool to show off I will. OvO/ will try my best to post extra goodies! I am very thankful to everyone who takes the time to view my content and never feel pressure to have to give money to me. All my games for the most part are plan to be free minus one future project which isn't Verloren, Verloren is 100% free. All work I make I do want it to be available to all. So never feel like you must become a patreon supporter. 

All supporters will be able to:
  • Get games early before anyone else! It would be a week or 2 early before I announce the official release date. This only applies to non game jam projects, since when I work on a game for a jam once I finish it I tend to publish it since I only have a few days to get it done.
  • See devlogs/updates before anyone else! These updates may contain stuff that normal people on my blog won't see until a long time. 
  • Concept art/ doodles/ and other art stuff! At times I will post concept art or just a random doodle I did. Just something extra and silly.
  • And much more! I do plan on posting more extra content in the future like more speedpaint like videos, maybe video clips of a game I'm working, and ect.


Completed Project(s):
Current Project: 

Verloren is a horror adventure game created in RPG Maker VX Ace. That focuses on exploration of the world that you awoken in and all of the colorful characters you meet along the way. For more info click here: More info

Where to find me?

Thank you for reading and checking out my Patreon page!
Do take care!
$55 of $500 per month
;D How did we get here....
You will all get a bag filled with my tears and huge hugs!!
I will be able to donate money to people who help me with game work and commission people for future projects! 
>wO)b Just to give back to those who help me a lot.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
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