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About Chris Bryan

Hi! Im Chris Bryan, and I make weekly board game news videos. 

What are board game news videos?

Well, board game news videos are videos where I talk about the latest news happening in the board game and tabletop industry. The tabletop hobby has undergone a huge boom in popularity over the last decade. Staying up to date on the latest news and announcements can take a lot of time and energy because information is often spread across multiple blogs, podcasts, and videos. I spend the time researching the top stories in the industry and convey those to you in just a few minutes once a week. That way you can spend more of your time PLAYING games.

Why am I on Patreon asking for your support?

I've been doing these videos weekly since 2013 and I really enjoy making them. However, my personal and professional life has gotten much busier over the past few years, and my time just has a different value these days. Having your support on Patreon helps me to stay excited and motivated to make news videos (and hopefully other types of videos.)

It also helps me gauge how much time I can and should be devoting to this project. I would love to expand my video content to cover conventions, vlogs, design diaries, tips and tricks, etc. However, I need your help in figuring out exactly what the next step should be. The more money I raise, the more time I can devote to making videos. The cool part is that by donating, you will get a say in what videos I make. Im really excited about continuing to bring you board game news, as well as seeing what I should make next.

What will my contribution help achieve?

Your contribution will help cover some of the costs of producing videos, and help me stay motivated to make more content. I have a few funding goals set up; you can read about them in more detail in the "goals" section on the left. Whenever we achieve 1 goal, a new one will be revealed!
- $50 - We get rid of YouTube ads!
- $100 - I'll upload the board game news audio as a weekly podcast!
- $200 - I'll make an additional video each month and you get to help decide the topic!

I'm really excited about continuing to bring you board game news. Thanks for your continued support.

Chris Bryan

Thanks for visiting my page. Here is a special bonus video for ya!

$60 of $100 per month

The weekly news will also be uploaded as a podcast. This will be the exact same content as the news videos, but you will be able to listen while you drive, while you work, while you work out, while you feed your cat, while you sell your soul to the dark lord while driving, or just while you poop.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts