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Since 2007, has been Winnipeg's only independent digital news media outlet, covering the city and southern Manitoba. We provide breaking news, sports, entertainment and lifestyle coverage from talented reporters and photographers. We're dedicated to Winnipeg and the community. Our goal is to quickly and easily deliver the information you need to stay informed.

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  • Help us grow and forge ahead into the next 10+ years
  • Independent non-partisan journalism deserves a strong voice in today's media landscape
  • We're paywall-free and will always remain that way
  • Our success helps others in the community. We are a proud supporter of Special Olympics Manitoba, Winnipeg Harvest, the Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad, United Way of Winnipeg, Red River College's Creative Communications program and the University of Manitoba Bisons.

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We are 100% advertiser-funded, which helps us cover our monthly expenses, such as keeping our dedicated server up and running, paying freelance contributors, enabling bandwidth usage of live-streaming equipment, third-party content licensing, and maintaining a modest marketing budget. To push us forward and extend our reach, we need to invest in additional resources as a company. That means greater coverage on all fronts and an investment into more original reporting. While other media organizations are cutting back and trimming content, we want to do the exact opposite on our platform. If you enjoy our content, please consider becoming a monthly Patron. is a member of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Association of Journalists, Radio Television Digital News Association and the Manitoba Legislature Press Gallery.
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