Chris Deslauriers, Storyteller for Hire

is creating Tabletop adventures for the new and the experienced!

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Hi there!

I'm Chris Deslauriers, Storyteller and Dungeon Master for hire! Surprised at the number
of veteran and wannabe tabletop role-players who lack an active group, I've decided to put my pen to paper and bring your stories to life!

As a writer, game developer and avid RPGer, I understand the important balance of player experience, dynamic storytelling and familiarity with rules that cultivate a fun atmosphere for everyone willing to cooperate and engage.

Creating, writing and developing a world (not to mention several) takes both time and work. Being
renumerated for the work I do allows me to dedicate more to the crafting of quality sessions and
to run more games.

Subscriptions to my page wlil determine the frequency and size of the group playing (further details
in the rank). Once there are the maximum number of players for the level, that level with be closed
until either the game either ends OR a spot opens up.

Before starting a story, there will be a discussion to determine important factors that have a strong
impact on the game, such as setting, rules, difficulty and player expectations. I want to ensure
that people are getting most of what they're asking for and communication is important.

As this will be (mostly) run online and through digital mediums, the cost and inconvenience of
participating will remain minimal.

Why did I Join Patreon?

1. I enjoy building worlds and telling stories. People love experiencing them. So why not marry the
two into one enjoyable package?
2. I've always dreamed of being financially independent and running my own shop. I've wanted to tell
stories for a living and I think I'm well-suited to run a variety of systems, story-types and keep
them all separate.
3. I'd like to provide a service that may be difficult to find and which some may find unaffordable
in most cases.
$0 of $600 per month
When I reach 600$ a month, I'll start a monthly Discord session to chat, interact and discuss with Patrons directly
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