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About Christopher Liddell

I am so excited to see you here! Thanks for stopping by.

You’re probably here because you love dance as much as I do. Perhaps you like to take class, maybe you perform, and we ALL love to boogie in our living rooms, amiright?! The exclusive content I offer on this page is going to bring the joy and creative expression of my studio directly into your home. Whether you want air-tight abs, flexier flexibility, or perfect pirouettes, I’ve got you covered!

My Patreon is a special place where you support MY artistry, receive art in return, which then expands YOUR artistry. What a beautiful cycle to participate in ! I love me some synchronicity, y’all.

Note: Class content will be released on Sunday June, 11th!

I’m Christopher Liddell, a Director, Choreographer, performer, and teaching artist. I grew up and trained in sunny LA/Hollywood, then I worked as a professional in bustling NYC for ten years. There I did literally everything; danced with top notch dance companies, sang at Lincoln Center, choreographed for the nation's best dancers, and even waited tables for a while haha! Eventually I was on faculty at the world-renowned dance studio, Steps on Broadway and was a guest teacher at several well known institutions including Yale University.

Being an artist and teacher is wonderfully fulfilling work. I’ve worked with thousands of dancers from around the world but eventually we have to part ways. Well now, we can be together again! Through Patreon, I can be your dance teacher, coach, and friend wherever you are in the world! And if we haven’t met before, this is a perfect avenue to establish our rapport.

But there are always two sides to the arts career coin. As a full-time, freelance artist and teacher I’m usually juggling 4-5 projects at a time to makes ends meet. However there are times like spring, Christmas, and summer where companies and schools are on break and I don’t have full-time or even part-time employment. Patreon is a great way to send my work out into the world and receive steady support so that I can be my best in the classroom, on stage, and in my life.

Your monthly pass will grant you access to a treasure trove of fitness, dance, and career instruction videos starring me and my fabulous students! With this support I can further my education at American Ballet Theatre, make even more compelling Patreon content, or even produce another dance film. But hold on, there’s more! You’ll also receive my eternal gratitude and you’ll be contributing to my growth as an artist, teacher, and community member.

Please have a look at my 2015 short film below to see how I turned the wonderful support from my GoFundMe contributors into moving art. “B.A.L.L.E.T. a Romance”, became a Pointe Magazine Editor's Choice prompting its stars to grace the cover of Dance Magazine.

Profile and cover photos: Kelly Ross

Special thanks to Harry and Leta Soza, the Dynamic Father/Daughter duo, who helped me cook this up from the beginning!!
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This first $500 will go toward updating my Mac so that I can make better content on Final Cut Pro X while doing it much faster. Better, faster editing means more filming, more virtual dance classes, short films, etc.!

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