is creating a community of like-minded men who want to level-up in life.

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Daily Kettlebell Workout
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You will receive a DAILY (Monday to Friday) professionally designed Kettlebell Workout that focuses on getting you lean & strong posted on this Patreon feed (and sent directly to your email inbox) by 3:01am EST/EDT.

Why kettlebells, you ask?

Well, because in my 20-years as a fitness and strength coach, I haven't found a tool or system that will get you leaner or stronger from the comfort of your own home than a kettlebell (and using your own bodyweight).

30-Day Challenge
per month

Every month I start a 30-Day Challenge that will help you Level-Up your life.  These challenges will you incorporate healthy habits into your life and can range from fitness related habits (doing kettlebell swings everyday) to nutrition (giving up carbs for 30 days) to self-care (30 days of meditation).  You use our community for support and accountability and I'll be there right beside you doing the challenge as well.

GLF REComp & #AlphaDAD Elite
per month

This tier is for #AlphaDAD Elite Coaching Members and GLF-REComp Alumni. In this tier you'll get the full gamut of everything I have to offer.  A monthly periodized program that focuses on continuity of phases.  A monthly group-only coaching call. One-on-one support from me. And semi-customized diet & training customizations based on your unique circumstances & goals.




Hey, I'm Chris. I'm a husband and father of 5 (all with the same woman... because you have to say that these days :-).

I've been put on this earth to help Family Men level up and navigate modern day fatherhood.

Join my Patreon and I'll help you become the healthiest, strongest and best version of yourself so that you can model that for kids and family. I offer courses on strength, weight loss, hormone optimization (not just testosterone), productivity, masculinity and fatherhood.
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