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is creating piano arrangements, transcriptions, and covers
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About Chris Luan

Although I've only had 12 years of classical piano lessons before I stopped in midway in high school, my musical interests and experiences since I was 4 or 5 have relentlessly pushed me to become better. After I stopped lessons, I just "taught" myself and played whatever was fun. In the past few years, anime piano music caught my interest. 

Soon after, I began transcribing other people's songs. Then, I focused on my style and my music by making my own piano arrangements. I cover songs from anime and VNs, even if I'm not familiar with the source. Generally however, I prefer to be familiar with the franchise before arranging a related song. Music gives me ways to have fun and to improve myself. Although I've explicitly stated anime/VNs as source media, I'm open to any media as long as the medium and music are compelling and pleasant in some way.
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