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Who I am and what I do:
Hello there! I'm a modder/level designer and community manager for Classic FPS games, primarily Doom. I have studied and modded on and off with ZDoom features since 2004, but only in recent years have I landed on ideas I am sticking with, which have come down to mainly two concepts: My platform and community "DOOM Modding" (check out the quick trailer above), and a Doom Mod I am working on called "RELAX" (link at bottom). DOOM Modding is a social media based community. It differs from sites such as Doomworld and ZDoom in that it reaches a broader audience and acts as a "bridge" between the general social media audience and the hardcore modders and Doom fans that exist on the sites mentioned. This helps drive interest and convert people to the Doom community, which in turn keeps the older modding communities alive and relevant today. I am also using the platform to create and distribute content I have created from my mod, such as going behind the scenes in my creative process with live streams (Facebook live for now) and (in the near future) tutorials, and whatever else I think could help or entertain people.

Why a Patreon?
I made this page because well, it simply takes time and money doing these things. For example, my staff and I are building and maintaining a giant archive of mods and wads. The archive has reached a size so large that we do not have any free, reliable hosting options any longer. Another expense is the money spent on social media ads for DOOM Modding. At some point, I would like reach enough funding where I can focus more time on this, and do things  that are bigger and more exciting than what has ever been done before, such as hosting a regular contest or awards event that involves cash prizes... Any ideas are welcome as this is a continually evolving concept.

A simple, donation style setup:
I am not setting this page up like other Patreon's; no elaborate tier systems or unclear benefits, just a simple donation system. If you like what I am doing, great! Support me at $1 or higher to help me speed up and expand my work.

Thanks for helping me out! 

DOOM Modding Discord invite: (Also contains a thread for my RELAX Mod)

RELAX Doomworld thread:
$0 of $100 per month
With this amount I can crank out original content more regularly, including tutorials and maps.
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