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About Chris Scarlette

My name is Chris Scarlette and I am a filmmaker.

I work with my friends to develop entertaining and VFX-driven short films on youtube at

I've been creating short films since Middle School and I will be making films till death does me and my camera apart. One has to be truly passionate about filmmaking to continue and learn for as long as my friends and I have. We've sacrificed many hours in order to edit, write and film. Without my friends or family's support I would most likely be working at a dull and crappy job. I owe so much to them.

It takes a massive amount of budgeting in order to invest in props and camera equipment. I've even turned to the value menu in order to save up for a new lens. One of the reasons a career in filmmaking is discouraging to many, is majorly due to the expense all films have. But I will never be discouraged. My relationship with film is inseparable.

We would love to learn and grow, but unfortunately, the software and equipment needed is rather costly. We're hoping to begin learning how to use 3D programs like 3ds MAX and FumeFX and since we'd prefer to get them legally, it would cost around $1,000. Which is why we need your help and generosity. Support us and we will continue to expand and teach ourselves every aspect of film-making.

So help us to continue doing what we love. $1 can make a dream go far. We enjoy and love creating entertaining content for our viewers and we'd love to do it for the rest of our lives.

Invest so we can do this forever!

Your entertainer, filmmaker and friend,
Chris Scarlette
..and Crew

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We want to be able to expand our budget.  Action movies require destruction, incredible cinematography, epic landscapes and beautiful color correction. Our goal is to gain all of the necessary equipment (special effects, props, guns, cameras/lenses/software, etc.) to be able to keep you intrigued and impressed. We're beyond dedicated in creating legendary films. Help us in continuing to create content and keep our passion alive! Apart from our budget, our second (and most important) goal is to entertain you (by blowing sh*t up). Now lets get jacked and inject a shot of action-packed hardcore fun into Youtube. Thanks!
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