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About Christine Brillon

I make videos to make people smile and laugh and forget about their problems. I also run an anti-bullying campaign and my mission is to end bullying. I hope you'll be willing to help me with it! :D

I am an 18 year old Youtuber. I make a wide variety of videos such as comedy sketches/skits, short films, music videos, parodies, etc. I'm an amateur film maker/actor and right now this is my passion. I'm just basically a young person with many things planned for my channel. However, these plans have been halted due to one problem, money issues. I can't raise this money on my own and I need to get new equipment to make higher quality videos, ensure the safety of my cast and crew, and keep everyone well fed and hydrated on shooting days. It's a big burden for a 18 year old, but I am determined to raise the money and create GREAT content that won't let you down!

Why do you want to make the Bully Short Film/Other projects?
I want to make the short film to show people that bullying is wrong and people need to stand up for themselves if they want it to stop. I want people to realize that they are not alone and that suicide is not the answer. I want to spread awareness to this problem and make a difference by changing it and possibly, even putting it to an end.

As for my other projects, I'm always creating new things, whether it be gaming or vlogging or skits or webseries. I write a lot and always have ideas flowing and I want to get my ideas out there. Supernatural is of course based on Supernatural by Eric Kripke and I have really big plans for that one as well.

What will this money be used for?
Film Equipment
Safety Equipment
Location rentals

Why Should I Donate?
I have always been against bullying and I want to do something about it. I want to show people how bullying can be stopped by starting at the source. The bully, not the victim. This has been 4 years in the making.

And the many other series's that I have planned have been 2+ years in the making. I won't give away too much on those just yet. You'll just have to wait and see.

How can I help?
If you can donate, that's excellent! Every penny counts! If you can't donate, that's completely okay too! I'm not going to make you, though if you can't donate, could you please share this with friends and family? The more this page is shared, the more chances people will find it and donate to it! If at least 2800 people donated $25 each, I would reach my goal, so please share this page whether you can donate or not!

What's in it for me?
By helping me to make the things I want to create, you will be helping me to change the world one video at a time. These projects have real big potential, but have been halted one due to a sufficient lack of funds. By giving monthly donations you will be able to help me cover the costs of current and future projects that I will be working on. You will be the ones to impact lives for the better and to help me to make my dreams become a reality. We can do this together. Let's make wonderful things.
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This money will go toward getting some needed equipment for streaming gameplay on Twitch, mainly a microphone and a capture card.
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