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About Christine J. Garcia

Even though I've been engaged in various musical projects all my life, until now I've never given my own art the space it needed to thrive. For years, I distracted myself from giving music my all; I was conditioned to believe that I couldn't be a successful musician without years and years of professional training or some kind of prestigious degree.
However, I felt this strong longing pulling me out into the world, to fulfill my soul's purpose and to live this life up to its fullest potential. I always knew deep down that music was the way, the goal, the tool, the language, the medicine... what I have to give of myself as a service to the world.
After meeting a wild wandering crew of musicians called Mad Hallelujah Tribe in 2015, (and falling in love with one of them) I sold my things and set off around the world to follow my heart, and the music. Trying to integrate into a kitchen with already many cooks with strong vision, I found myself collecting amazing experiences and connections, yet struggling to find space for my own creativity.
I was confronted with somewhat of a theme of female leader characters finding their place in a man's world - experimenting toward balancing strong independence and gentle vulnerability. I took myself far away from my comfort zone, my support network, any form of stability. I let life rip me apart and break me down to my soul. I struggled with my physical health - until I learned to listen to and understand my strong instincts. That journey of growth and challenge became the catalyst for the songs of Radical Lover.
Out of all that soul searching and letting go of identity and definitions of self worth - like the phoenix from the ashes - Asoulafire emerges. That's me out of my hiding place. I am here to inspire us all to love radically, to devote ourselves to this exciting life passionately, without holding back; to be raw, real and alive!

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