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is creating crafting tutorials! Also maybe dinosaurs?
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Thanks so much for supporting me, guys! I'll give you a hug if you want! If not, that's cool. I respect your personal space. Also, you'll get to see my activity feed - pictures of works in progress, venting of frustration at my serger, my thoughts on the most recent JoAnns run, and prolly an unreasonably high amount of dinosaur trivia.
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All the above, plus: You'll get access to the outtakes for my tutorials (Warning: There might be cussing) and I will send you a dinosaur in the mail. Not a live one.
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All the above, plus: You'll be part of the selection process for my next project! Want to make me pull my hair out? Or maybe just pick something you really want to see? This is how that happens! Also, when we hit 100/month, YOU get to pick what wacky obstacle to put in the way of my crafting. (See goals for more info.)




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About Christine Reagan

Hey there, interested parties! I've been a crafty-type for a good long while, and I'd like to start making some crochet and sewing tutorial videos, but here's the thing - video work is super time consuming! I live on commissions for the most part, and it takes a huge chunk out of my productive-time to make these videos.

"But Christine," you might say, "why not just not make videos and go back to sewing commissions?"

Two reasons.

One: I am HILARIOUS and the world needs to be entertained by my glory.

Two: Mixing up my routine keeps my passion for my craft well-stoked, and I like educating people.

That was technically three reasons.

Anyway, every little bit helps and I'd really appreciate any support you see fit to give - even if it's just a sweet message. Thanks bunches in advance!
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When we hit 60/month, I will be able to take my sewing machine and serger in to get some basic maintenance done with regularity, which greatly increases the amount of time I can spend being productive and not cursing/crying at the serger.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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