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is creating wall Paper for toilets from his poetry and art. Here find a pro
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TY! My books are all free, but not necessarily worthless..  C; Explore "Jumping Goat Fish", "Not Yetti", "The Woodpecker's Daydream" and "The Judgemental Authoritarian" on
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Action and insight. THANK YOU!  A range of MASSdebating MiniDocos were filmed in Byron Bay, a different reality stirring question  put to the public each week for 8 months. See them on C:
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Art, it's out there. This one is named "medicine man". A drawing with a normal blue pen,  one where when doing it making sounds, like "wwhhhou-" with the energy of pen strokes. When editing, pulling contrast etc the different depths/ intensity of pen on page came through as different colors. You are helping me make more art- THANK YOU! It is in the "Jumping Goat Fish" freEbook on my website.




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About Christo Warner

JumpingGoatFish, NotYetti, The Woodpecker's Daydream and The Judgemental Authoritarian are the titles my four freEbooks so far, blends of poetry and art. They are on my website for free, completely accessible and people can donate if can or wish. Thousands of single page poems and art pieces are already created, awaiting release. I look forward to recording them as audio books, merging more with music, creating plays from some..

To explore, inspire, and express. Interpretations of nature, of mankind, sweet ideals, fiery frustrations, fun and folly feature. Poetry became my breadcrumbs- reminders for self and others.

Beyond single genre definition. Many performance vids, projects and MASSdebating MiniDocos can also be seen on my site. Vintage experimental audio await release. Multi-disciplinary: poet, performer, painter, sketcher, theorist, etc.

I have no specific patron rewards as I already put everything out freely. You will find this on my website. Up and out for free, this is my model for releasing creations. If donations come in- 50% goes into an account to restart TheFieldCreative as an independent non-profit, a concept designed to enable global sustainable transition. What is more worth while!

More concepts, creations and background are on my website if wish.

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To make wall paper for toilets from my poetry and art. Seriously! c; To present the works in the elongated form, over 450 different works from my freEbooks are ready to go, exploding with color and various themes. To create both horizontal and vertical versions. They would look great in a gallery! And may be applied to walls beyond toilets also..
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