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is creating In depth Tarot & astrology video content.
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About Christopher Byrne

Hello and thanks for looking me up.
I am happy to be entering my 5th year of offering readings in the on line world, I've been doing this for a lot of years but only receintly on YouTube and so on. I love what I do as it enables me to reach a world wide audience, meeting people from all around the world. I took a break from on line readings in April to spend time developing me and the tools I use to give accurate and life altering readings, sometimes self development is overlooked and we all need it.  I am able to use the skills I have to help you, to help you focus on the reason you feel stuck. To learn and grow in new directions and to spark your creativity. I wouls especially love to hear from you if you are skeptical about the arts of Tarot and Astrology as I employ them in a unique and individual way.
I hope you will support me on my continuing journey and come get a reading. I have made a number of different levels for you to get involved on so I hope one fits you.
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we want to make a weekly spiritual/development based show, no fluffy stuff but real life tips, info and advice on subjects that matter, wellbeing, both mind and body. diet, exercise, development and so much more I am blessed to know so many people who are experts in their field and I want to share them with you
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