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Most of the people who choose to support me are probably living with the same type of economic and social insecurity that creates and exacerbates institutional inequality in the first place. So supporting me shouldn't be an actual burden. If you can afford it, consider throwing a fiver into the pot.  

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You want to pick up the slack for someone else and you have some money to burn. So instead of buying that second caramel frappucino--soy, no whip--you decided to forego the colonial coffee and throw a second Abraham Lincoln into the pot. 
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Holy shit. This is the donation tier of millionaires. You have a sickeningly delightful bank account, and you like parting with Andrew Jacksons (soon to be Harriet Tubman). I can't thank you enough!




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About Christopher Sebastian

Loads of people have animal rights-related spaces online. But I noticed that a lot of these spaces have pretty much the same basic type of content. Of course, "Veganism 101" is important. But I wanted my social media space to create original and provocative conversations about cultivating a truly radical animal liberation for the 21st century. Unfortunately, the knowledge fostered in black spaces is often commodified by voices with access to better resources. And as radical thought becomes commercial, accessibility to the message diminishes for those who need it most. Help to balance the scales by supporting me on Patreon, and we'll work together to dismantle the institutions that devalue both animal and human communities.  
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Creating and distributing original and provocative content is hard work. And reaching people by traveling to universities to talk in front of audiences open to understanding the need of anti-speciesism as foundational to any movement for justice is expensive. Your contributions keep these costs to a minimum and removes the financial burden from grassroots organizations and student groups who NEED this work. Of course, as ever, ANY amount helps! THANK YOU.
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