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Purple Lanterns are what I call the proud flag carriers of Chukesys.

If you wear the flag and spread the word you are helping an artist provide more for more people. 

Its just as much about you as it is me!




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About Chukesys

G'day folks I'm Connor Thomas or Chukesys in the online world. Chukesys is my brand or my hub for anything that I do, it's me.

As of now I'm doing Digital Line Art, I've been drawing for 3 years now and feel comfortable enough to start taking commissions from the public.

About Me

I'm an Australian Artist and Musician you can ask me questions about both even though this patreon is for line art.

Although I do a fair amount of work I do enjoy playing video games which is probably where my love of creative projects started.


I'd like to thank you for taking a look at my profile even if you won't be asking me for artwork. 

I however have one of a few favours to ask of you, if you know someone who would be interested in my work please send them my way.

otherwise thank you for being here and supporting me, it means a lot and if you came at the earliest days or the days when I have a good following i'd love to thank you for supporting the brand I've created.

cheers.  Connor

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Hey folks! The first goal is $50. Its small but it's the first step into a much larger story that is about to unfold.
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