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Support the stream in the best way you can! Even if its a dollar you your helpin out Chyaboi in the best way!
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the donations to this tier gears me up to get a camera so the famo can see my face! If you thought i sounded funny wait to you see thing crazy mug XD




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Whats up me Boios! Its me Chyaboi! When im not defending my city from Godzilla or The Wet sock Bandits i Stream all types of games(Mostly on Xbox or Pc). Im still pretty small in the streaming community but i have had some some amazing support from the daily viewers that stop and help out( Yes you know who you are :D)! They were actually the ones to push me make this patreon. It feels weird to ask or even receive money from anyone cause i just enjoy the company while streaming. Altho as i grow it would be nice to put out better and better content and i believe patreon would help greatly with this. I strive to make everyones day a little better and if pushing out constant quality content then ill do everything i can to make it happen! With that being said sit back (or levitate) and enjoy some fun stuff! 
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