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I review cigars as a hobby, I don't work, and I buy what I can. Sometimes I do go a little while without buying cigars to review though, some can be £10 - £25 and getting some of those to review every couple/few days can be a financial burden I can't really keep up with. I'll appreciate anything I receive on Patreon and whenever I can't really afford more cigars to review, I'll withdraw from Patreon and use it to buy cigars. I may also use it to improve my recording equipment et cetera to improve my reviews as a whole.
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At this amount, I'll start to work on getting a website, getting people in on helping with that and maybe some decent graphic design, can run giveaways through there instead of just on Facebook (some YouTube subs don't have Facebook) or just on YouTube (where some Facebook fans don't have YouTube accounts) - that way everyone can enter. I would also like to do written reviews etc.
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