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In this tier you get access to my patron only newsfeed. You will get to read each story I produce, for a limited amount of time (until the next one is published, then the old one will disappear). You will get access to polls, and character interviews. You will also get to read the story, installment, by installment, AS I WRITE IT.  :)




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About Cindy Bernicot

Hi There! My name is Cindy. Welcome. Thank you for showing an interest in what I do! 

I want to invite you to join me on my Patreon page. To share in my journey. If you can and/or want to pledge, GREAT! In return I will allow you access to my writing as I go along, and to my paintings. And I will come up with more/different rewards for different levels. But you don’t have to pledge, you can just follow me and share in the updates and in some of the conversations. I apologize in advance, the wine reviews are on hold. I need to rework the whole wine thing, as I haven’t been drinking wine, due to allergies. But I will be sharing the progress of my paintings as well as my writing.

                                                  ABOUT ME
Some days it seems like all I do is struggle with the concept of ‘what I want to be’ when I grow up. My boyfriend recently described me as ‘someone who just got out of college and doesn’t know what they want to do with their lives yet.  I’m 50. I won’t lie, it kind of hurt because well…it’s true. And I felt, for a moment (or maybe the last month) like I SHOULD know what I wanted to do by now. That I SHOULD be doing it by now.

My life has been a roller coaster ride for sure. I don’t regret it. Not one bit. I have had some AMAZING experiences. What I need to release (being a Law of Attraction believer and all) is the idea that it matters that I know what I want to do. That there is some sort of pre set, programmed path I am supposed to be on…usually according to someone else.

What I do know is that, I know HOW I WANT TO FEEL! And I know some of you will pooh pooh that and say it doesn’t matter how you feel. But of course it does! It matters how I feel. It matters how you feel. The WHOLE REASON anyone wants ANYTHING in their lives, is because of how they believe they will feel when they have it. Think about it! You may be wallowing in ideas and concepts of a self sacrificing life and how ‘it’s not about you’, but even that concept IS ‘about you’. Everything in your life is absolutely ‘about you’. It can’t not be. You are the only constant in your whole entire life. So if you are living a self sacrificing life, putting your life on hold for someone else or some other ideal, or to follow some sort of pre laid cultural or parental programming, it’s time to ask yourself, why. What do you hope to gain by it? Because there IS absolutely a gain for you, or you wouldn’t be doing it. It’s okay to do it that way. To devote your life to something out side of yourself, but just keep in mind, you are doing it for a reason that is valid to you, not to anyone else. Anyways, that’s another subject for another time.

About a year ago, I wrote a couple of pages that stated ‘what I wanted’ with my life. What I wanted to be doing based on how I wanted my life to feel. And I wrote that I wanted to write, paint, dance, do yoga, meditate, have fun and adventures. Have a fantastic relationship and fantastic fulfilling social life. And obviously be financially abundant, so that I’d have the freedom to do all of those things. SO that is where I am going with this here. Why I am taking this step.

I now do yoga most mornings and I meditate every day. And I love the way those things feel. I dance, but I’d like to dance more. I have a great relationship that is building all the time. I don’t have much of a social life anymore but that is out of choice for the time being. The people that tell you that you can’t do it your way, or who look down at you, because you haven’t achieved your goals, or who look down on you because you have and they haven’t, do so out of bitterness. They do it out of comparisons. Judgement. I know, because sometimes I AM that person. Although mostly to myself lol. And sometimes I am the person on the receiving end. However, you absolutely CAN do it your way! And everyone’s way is different. We don’t all want to create art, whether its visual or with the written word. We don’t all want to be mechanics, or doctors, or sales people, or actors, or scientists, or pizza makers.. But some do.

What is weird about all of the things on my list is that I don’t paint. I never painted. I have always described myself as super UN artistic. But… I LIKE THE WAY PAINTING FEELS. In a different way than I like the way writing feels. I like them both!!! And I just realized today that I have been painting. I mean, I wasn’t unaware that I had been painting, but I had forgotten it was on my list. And lately I’ve had a weird drive to just keep painting.

                                                    MY WHY
See above

                                                 WHY PATREON
I like this platform. It allows me to share what I am doing with others who have chosen to be part of my writing journey and who will, hopefully, get their own enjoyment from my stories. 

Where your money will go: It will go, first of all, to helping me buy supplies, printer ink, coffee (of course), stamps,paint, brushes, canvases, and after that, it will go to helping me buy time. 


                                                     MY PLAN
Right now, I have an anthology of ‘Flash Fiction Faerie Tales’ on Amazon. The set is called ‘Happily Ever After’. Happily Ever After is a collection of short faerie tales. At aproximately 1000 words each; the five stories are a little longer than regular flash fiction and a little shorter than short stories, just long enough for one story to pull you in before it ends and the next one begins. Happily Ever After is: A lost princess, a prince who wishes to be king, a lonely daemon, a seemingly disfigured king who has given up on love, and a werewolf trying to save his mate. The people who have read these stories keep telling me they want more. So I am starting by writing some short stories based on these same characters. For the next year my plan is to write as many short stories as I can and share them with people. 

My painting plan, is just to follow my heart and paint.

                                            WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU
As one of my Patreons, depending on which tier you join, there are many rewards. Here are some of them:

*Access to my patron only newsfeed. This is where we can discuss my progress, the law of attraction, or wine(or any other spirit). Every single one of my Patreons has access to this reward.
*Access to patron only polls and/or question and answer sessions and/or story collaboration (ie, want to name a character in my novel or help me decide on a plot twist?)
*Access to writings related to my work, on whichever novel I am working on, from chapter excerpts to early drafts of my novel, chapter by chapter.
*access to my paintings and my painting processes. 
*Other unreleased snippets of my writing.
*A free electronic copy of my flash fiction anthology, Happily Ever After. So you will be able to see where I am coming from.(warning: spoiler alerts possible
*A signed, free, copy of my book when it is released.

Which rewards will you receive? You decide!

So for all of you following, and supporting me along this journey, in whichever way you have chosen, THANK YOU! Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

$0 of $500 per month
My goal is to produce at least 1 short story a month, but as many as I can find time to work on. Most of them will be based around my Happily Ever After flash fiction anthology, that you can find on
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts
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