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My name is Joel Cineas,

at the age of 17 I became the founder and owner of the "CineasOne" car company. The company name has already been trademarked pending, and the car design is also patent pending. I am a student at East Islip High School looking to start my business before I get out of high school. I am currently a senior and I have a father which is also an entrepreneur with a very successful oil company. I work with him to gain money to start my business and advertise online. Being at a young age limits me from doing a lot of work that I would like to do like building prototypes for my car designs, finding a facility where I can create the prototype along with supplies for the cars, and hiring engineers to build this prototype. My car industry's (CineasOne) cars will be very unique compared to other manufacturer's cars that have advanced technology and top speeds of 290 and higher. This manufacturer is aiming to take over existing hyper cars like: Koenigsegg Bugatti Hennessy Ferrari Lamborghini With the technological ideas I have and how stylish my cars will look, it surely will sell worldwide. On my Twitter social media account I have a lot of followers (over 300,000+) and fans that are eager to see this happen. I'm very ambitious and dedicated to start this project. I have spent a lot of time and money to create this company from the name, a 3D design of my car prototype, i  have the design patent pending, and have the name trademarked. Being dedicated to this project as a teenager means I don't have time for partying or drinking because I'm focused to push boundaries in the hyper car industry with Advanced technology. I am looking to create a superior hyper car that would be the fastest car in the world with fastest lap time and fastest drag race time against other hyper cars. This manufacturer is competing with a lot of super cars and I am very ambitious that I can build a car that can surpass all of the manufacturers cars that they have produced. I am humbly asking for  you're help so I can obtain a facility and hand build my prototype and future prototypes to come within the facility. I am looking forward to speaking to anyone that are interested in this project that I have. I have full patent pending pictures for you to see if you would like.

Social media:

Instagram: CineasOne
Twitter: CineasOne 300,000+ followers
Youtube: CineasOne

Thank you for your time and God bless!
$0 of $1,700,000 per month
I am humbly asking for 1,700,000 million dollars so I can obtain a facility and hand build my prototype and future prototypes to come within the facility.
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